MM CaLL Partnership

MM CaLL Partnership

Tagging and Mapping

Tagging guidelines

Through this survey we’re trying to obtain particular information about the environment by classifying the elements observed at each site.

Each post should represent only one of the surveyed elements and will need:

  • A title naming the element (ie. Fire Hydrant, ConEd Manhole, Oak Tree, etc.)
  • Descriptive text (if applicable)
  • Picture (if applicable)
  • Under “Student findings”:
    • Choose “content type”
    • Enter date (if applicable)
    • Enter dimensions (if applicable)
    • Choose “type”
    • Choose Hub or Hubs
  • Tag each post with as many tags as you need. Please go through the list of existing tags under “click tags”. Make sure tags are spelled correctly to avoid discrepancies.


Mapping guidelines

  • Students will have to identify and locate infrastructure and environment elements with as much information that can be gathered from simple obvservation. This information will have to be entered on a base plan of the area provided by Mary Miss Studio.
  • Maps will need to be drawn following the examples in two different scales.
  • 1” = 100’ scale plans displaying the overal arrangement of elements on the site. These will be represented by numbered dots relating to a spreadsheet with detailed information and a link to their entry on the website.
  • Areas that have a high concentration of elements should be called out on the 1″ = 100′ plan and drawn in 1/16″ = 1′
  • 1/16″ = 1′ scale drawings displaying the environment in as much detail as possible, focusing on infrastructure elements that have unique placements (ie. subway entrances and grates, bus stops, planters, benches, etc).
  • Underground infrastructure is encouraged but not required.

Download the Mapping example (pdf)

When the map is ready for upload you can make a new post and tag it “surveymap”. If you make changes to the map, please update the original post.

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