MM CaLL Partnership

MM CaLL Partnership

240th Van Cortlandt Park

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    Ethical Culture Fieldston Green Roof Research Station

    In August 2008 the Ethical Culture Fieldston School (ECFS) installed a 7,100 square foot green roof on top of its middle school. ECFS made this overture to address sustainability issues associated with urban heat islands and excess stormwater runoff conditions, both of which result from the vast tracts of dark and impervious materials that cover our cities and absorb and retain heat, and that fail to allow stormwater to slowly percolate back into the ground. It is predicted that global warming will exacerbate stormwater issues and heat island effects, and ECFS’s green roof is an example of an effective means for reducing excess heat and stormwater runoff.

    SOURCE: Ethical Culture Fieldston School,


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