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Bowling Green

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    Bowling Green | Architecture & Typography

    For the purpose of this project, I am interested in exploring the architectural and typographical elements of the Bowling Green site. Through these observations, one may suggest the visual interactions that occur between the urban and architectural in learning about the area, particularly in terms of modernization. Therefore, the relationships that take place between image and urban space are evident in its architectural and typographical elements.

    Frameworks within a fence

    The Bowling Green Fence:

    The original fence from the historical site still remains. The flow of traffic within the fence is limited due to the entrances to the site in only the north and south ends. The fence could be much more inviting to the area in respect of travel from all directions. The tiny park of Bowling Green gets a vast amount of tourists, professionals and residents that pass through the space without much thought on their way to the subway entrance or Battery Park.  The Charging Bull outside the North entrance of the fence invites most of the southbound traffic through the park. Bowling Greens Fence is one of the cities most significant pieces of Pre-Revolutionary architecture (inside the apple).It is clear there were once decretive pieces on the larger fence posts which were unevenly and visibly hacked off. There is little documentation on what exactly they were. The space is uninviting: people peek in, pass through, but there is little interest invested for the space. Although on one end the bull is a main attraction that calls for a fence of its own, a police officer and a constant line of pictures being taken and the other end the Green line Station.Within the fence there are benches along the pathway and weather permitting a comfortable place for short social gatherings. The park has no tables and chairs in comparison to Times Square, Herald Square, or Bryant Park which are popular amongst visitors and users of public spaces.

    Tags: Pre-revolutionary, original fence, benches, fountain, seasonally more appealing, center of traveled paths, first park, oldest park site.



    Bowling Green signs / decor

    1.New York Parks & Recreation Paragon Falcon Signs. These signs posted by each entrance into the park inform the public about the parks history as a haven for reemergence of the paragon falcon. A once endangered bird of prey. The 8 cast iron lamp posts along the walkway through the park have small sculpted paragon falcons on top of them.

    2.Downtown Alliance provides wifi and signs informing about the free wifi within Bowling Green. The area is uncomfortable & almost awkward for computer usage. Mobile use of the wifi is probably most commonly used in the space. A more of a park environment and better use of lawn space with friendly work tables and chairs could make the availability of the wifi in the space beneficial to users or people stopping through. The space is travelled through more often than it is used for a place to gather and stay.

    Tags: Wifi, Paragon Falcons, lamp posts, benches, Downtown Alliance, NY Parks & Recreation, seasonally more appealing,



    The Charging Bull:

    Referred to as both the Wall Street Bull and the Bowling Green Bull Located the farthest north at the corner where Broadway starts. The Bull stands 11 feet high and 16 feet long. The charging bull was placed outside the NY Stock Exchange and seized by police then later placed two blocks over at the Bowling Green Site looking up Broadway. The Bull since then has been a major tourist attraction and one of the cities most photographed artworks. The line to get a picture with the bull is continuous throughout the day. The bull represents the financial district to lower manhattans vast array of tourists. The tourists pass through the historic site of Bowling Green with little recognition and awareness of the space to get from the bull to battery park / the statue of liberty. Two of the cities most popular statues in very near proximity, Why cant Bowling Green hold the same prestige? It does have seniority.

    Tags: Statues, Charging Bull, Wall Street Bull, Bowling Green Bull, Broadway, Tourist site, trafficked, Landmark


    photo 1
    photo 2
    photo 1
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    Parks & Rec Sign


    Bowling Green: Elements

    How is the air maneuvered and how does it manipulate users and other environmental elements?  I observed Bowling Green on a very windy and cold day.  Like every other person around me, I was not comfortable outside.  Everyone was only outside in order to make it to their final destinations, it seemed.  In conclusion, the wind effect had a great impact on how people used the Bowling Green space.  I took notice that the southwest part of BG opens up to the harbor – the source of the cold air!  The positioning of the buildings in this area are the reason for the air’s quality of movement.  And the qualities of the air effect people’s interaction with it.

    Bowling Green/Battery Park Noise Levels

    1. Bowling Green/Battery Park-Evening

    2. Bowling Green/Battery Park-Evening

    This is a sample of some of the audio/video footage taken at Bowling Green and Battery Park. The majority of the people are moving in and out of frame with only 2 people staying in frame at the 9/11 statue. The noise level measured in Video 1 is 79dB on Final Cut Pro. The 2nd video measured about 87dB on Final Cut Pro.

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