MM CaLL Partnership

MM CaLL Partnership



Contact: Philip Silva

Other Contact: Scherezade Garcia

Preferred Site: Multiple

Notes & Responses:
For Fall 2011 semester 1. Compiled a spatial inventory of interesting site features at various hubs and produced a .kmz map file to share with Mary Miss Studio (viewable and editable in Google Earth); 2. Compiled a tabular “research design” of relevant facts, stories, and insights for various hubs (formatted as an excel spreadsheet with relevant sources); One caveat – Scherezade and I are just beginning to design our curriculum for next semester, so this is all somewhat provisional. Scherezade still a chance to edit/amend Phil’s comments before locking anything down.

Committed and Time Frame:
It’s difficult to parse out exactly how much of the studio will be given over to research for BROADWAY. Pedagogically, we’ve all moved away from a “research-THEN-design” model this semester. Instead we’ve found that this works a lot better with an iterative approach, with research and design happening cyclically throughout the semester. So… it’s probably safe to say that we’ll spend the whole semester working with BROADWAY at some level.  Regarding site preference: are we still envisioning Parsons students acting as “the eyes and ears” of the project for schools that don’t have access to NYC? If so, I can imagine designing a curriculum that allows students to engage, at some level, with research at all of the hubs (my students have repeatedly asked for opportunities to explore a larger swath of the city, and this may be a way to honor that request next semester).



Contact: Jessica Corr
Preferred Site: Multiple

Contact: Emily Moss
Preferred Site: Multiple

Notes & Responses:
Confirmed with Karen 8/21 that she will be conducting the studio which Mary’s project will be run through. — Will also be co-teaching with another faculty member?


Contact: Bland Hoke

Contact: Howard Chambers

Preferred Site: Multiple

Notes & Responses:
Our goal in engaging with Broadway: 1000 Steps is to investigate and articulate strategic ways of framing the project for artists, designers and students to amplify the tenets of Broadway: 1000 Steps. Our practice in transdisciplinary design is founded on collaborative strategies, system mapping, and thinking at different scales to assist us in locating the most appropriate space for participation. As such, our involvement from a pedagogical standpoint is to assert ourselves strategically to use the practices we have learned in service of Broadway: 1000 Steps.
Our first task will be to understand the complexity of Broadway: 1000 Steps through the lens of systems thinking. The output for this phase will be a visual map to articulate the relationships, informal agreements, and communication channels between stakeholders, organizations, and institutions engaged with Broadway: 1000 Steps.
For the next phase of our involvement we will produce a short video designed for the online hub for researchers, students and city officials. The intention of this project will be to explicate Broadway: 1000 Steps from a systems viewpoint and grounded in best practices.
Lastly, we will be designing a workshop environment for the collective academic partnership meeting. We see this as an exciting opportunity to use collaborative tools and methods to make the experience productive and useful for the student participants.

Committed & Timeframe
We are committed to working on the Broadway: 1000 Steps project for the Spring 2012 semester.



Contact: Sven Travis
Website — Working on website with sub-committee of Azra Aksamija, Matthew Slaats, Jean Brennan, Cesar Cotta, and Olivia Georgia

Contact: Caitlin Hickey
Assists Sven Travis

Contact: Marisa Glick
Website Design

Other Contact: Anthony Whitfield
Overall project administration

Contact: James Hunt
Director of the Transdisciplinary Design Program

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